The walk is very close to done, and I'm wearier than I've been in a long time. The temperature has been really cold, but being in near-constant motion certainly helps. I managed to make it through Zeeland to day, and ended up near the Holland water tower, before a dear friend showed up to give me a ride back. 
I didn't make very many friends today; stopped at a Burger King to use the bathroom (I usually feel sort of guilty about it) and realized I look the child of the Unabomber and Jack Nance circa Eraserhead. In other words, frightening. 

It's hard to believe that the walk - a thing that looks so big conceptually, so big on paper - is almost done. And will be completed with one single, final step. 
Pictured: frightening.
I've often wondered during this journey what that step will feel like. I expect it to be no different than the others, but it will be given a certain meaning by all the steps that preceded it. There's something deeply strange about it all.

I'm certainly ready to be done; while it's been a great experience, and I'm quite happy with all the money that's been raised I'm . . . tired. Very tired. I'll try to update everyday until Saturday, when this whole thing is finished.

I plan on updating the blog for a while after I'm finished walking; I'll finally have time to put up some pictures and some things I wrote about the experience, so stay tuned for that

11/17/2012 12:12pm

Kudos to you for this endeavor--and for making it! I am an older woman in NY who's had CFS/ME for many, many years. I used to live Holland, MI and have many friends there, so your walk takes on a special meaning for me. Would welcome you to visit my blog at

08/01/2013 4:39am

I have heard that you completed your mission successfully. You have walked across the state of Michigan for a purpose. Thank you so much for doing this to raise money for the CFIDS Association. We will never forget your efforts. Regards.


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